Natural Resources Management  


Environmental and Natural Resource Management is designed for students interested in learning more about becoming good stewards of our environment and natural resources, as an environmental scientist, conservationist, forester, or wildlife manager.

This program of study covers environmental impacts, energy consumption, environmental public policy, and fundamental science and management of ecosystems, with special attention given to current agricultural practices that support the healthy and sustainable cultivation of major crops. Upon completion of this POS, students will be prepared for a range of careers associated with the science and management of plants, soils, wildlife, and natural resources.


Great Grey Owl


  • Boater's Certification

    Students who enroll in this course are eligible to obtain their Boater's Safety Certification. They must bring in a type 600 license at a cost of $10. This can be purchased at any location that sells hunting and fishing license. This is not a requirement to take the course, however this is a required lifetime license to operate any motorized boating vessel. 

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