Rules and Procedures

What is expected of me?

I am expected to be prepared and ready to teach each day, therefore I expect you to be ready to learn.  I will do my best to teach you.  I will offer my help to those who need extra help.  If you or your parents have a question or comment, please feel free to contact me.  My email is

Stand up, Mask Up

When you stand, please use your mask.  You will be required to wear masks in the hallway and during arrival and dismissal.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices in my Classroom

Cell phones and electronic devices are allowed in my class at certain times. But if you use it without permission, I will take it to the office.  Earbuds or air pods will not be allowed except when working on the computer.  These policies will be enforced and followed as it is outlined in the student handbook. 

Dress Code

Please dress appropriately. First block teachers should address any issues but please try to follow the rules all day. 


This year you have a binder, folder, student workbook, and composition notebook with your name on them.  You will be responsible for work lost or not returned.


The class will be working through the domains of writing, reading, listening, and speaking to help you become proficient in the English language.  We did purchase a new curriculum to use this year, and I am very excited about it.  It is fantastic!  We will still be using the Lexia program as well to help supplement individual instruction. As always, I will also help you with additional classes in which you may need extra help.  I do not want you to think that I will simply do it for you.  I will help you in any way possible, but do not want to be abused!  In the past, I feel that people have taken advantage of me, and I want this to stop.  It was as much my fault as yours, but I want us all to do better.


This year one of my personal goals is to enforce the rules in my classroom. Most of last year, I did not feel well.  I had surgery this summer and am feeling much better! 

Food and Drinks

I am not allowing food or drinks in my classroom this year.  The only exception will be water.  Eating and drinking became a major distraction last year.  I want our focus to be on what we are learning not eating. 

Social Media

I cannot be your friend on any type of social media per board policy.  I am sorry. I added many of you during the COVID break which was allowed, but I will be deleting you soon.  I will be your friend when you graduate. 

Bell Ringer

You will have a bell ringer to complete every day when you enter the room. Come in, get your materials, and start on your bell ringer.  It will be on the board.