Week 6 (9/28 - 10/2)

Weekly Agenda


CCHS Schedule for Sept. 28-Oct. 2


High School


September 28


September 29


September 30


October 1


October 2

In-Person Learning

9th & 10th Grades

11th & 12th Grades


9th & 10th Grades

11th & 12th Grades

Distance Learning

11th & 12th Grades

9th & 10th Grades

9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th Grades

11th & 12th Grades

9th & 10th Grades


*Selections of students in English I, English II, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Biology I, and U.S. History will be notified by a letter from their teacher to receive additional in-person instruction on ACCESS Days. Students receiving the letter for scheduled instruction are required to attend school in person on the dates specified in the letter.

*In addition to the scheduled instruction for small groups of students, computer labs will also be open from 7:55 a.m. – 2:55 p.m. for students who do not have a device or reliable internet access at home. Students who have personal transportation may use computer labs on a “come and go” basis. These students must check in and out at the main entrance and gym entrance during school hours. Students who need computer/internet access and ride a bus may stay all day. Breakfast and lunch will be served.