Weekly Agendas



What’s Happening This Week?


How’s It Happening?



What assignment do I have to complete?


How do I submit my assignment?


When is my assignment due?


Monday, Aug. 31

1.Attendance Daily Survey

2. Survey for Mrs. Nichols

3.Bellringer Packet

4.Turn in all work from first week.

5.Tutorial on HMH and Teams

6.Discuss “The Price of Freedom” Questions you may have

CCHS In-person class time

*Growth Measure Reading Test—Diagnostic One*

This will be a test that takes 45 minutes at most.  This is a test of what YOU know right now. 


Must be completed by 11:59 p.m.

September 1st.

Tuesday, Sept. 1

1.Tuesday Bellringer

2. Study all of your “The Price of Freedom” annotations, reread the story, as needed for quiz tomorrow.


1.Bellringer packet

1.Complete Tuesday bellringer

2. Study for your quiz on “The Price of Freedom”


1.Bellringer packet

2. Study your story in HMH for quiz tomorrow.

Sept. 2

Wednesday, Sept. 2

1.Wednesday Bellringer

2. Take quiz on “The Price of Freedom” in your HMH digital textbook

2.Read the Get Ready to “Love’s Vocabulary” pages 264-266


1. Bellringer packet

2. Wednesday PPT in Teams

2. Read in HMH


1.Wednesday Bell ringer

3. Wednesday PPT

2.”Get Ready” for ”Love’s Vocabulary”

1.Bellringer packet

2. PPT in Teams

3. HMH


Sept. 7

Thursday, Sept. 3

1.Thursday Bell ringer

2.Thursday’s PPT

3. Read the essay “Love’s Vocabulary” pages 267-271

4. Highlight important information under Analyze Informational Text and Generate Questions on page 265.

5. Complete Critical Vocabulary  and highlight the important sections of Language Conventions. 

1. Bellringer

2. Go through Thursday’s PPT 3. Read pages 267-271.

4. Highlight and Annotate the story as you read

5. Questions on page 265.


3, 4, and 5 are in HMH.


1.Bell ringer packet

2. Thursday PPT in Teams

3.Read Essay in HMH

4. Highlight and annotate text

5. Questions on page 265


1.Bellringer Packet


3. HMH


Sept. 7


Sept. 4

1.Friday’s PPT

2. Complete the Check for Understanding on page 271.

3.Answer the Analyze the Text questions page 272 in FULL sentences.  Take your time to really put thought into your answers. 


1.PPT on Teams

2. Check for Understanding, page 271 HMH

3. Analyze the Text page 272 in HMH



1.Friday’s PPT--Teams

2. Check for Understanding, HMH page 271

3. Analyze the Text questions, HMH page 272


2. and 3. HMH


Sept. 7Message to Class: Welcome to class! I’m excited to meet you all. Each week I will provide you with a WEEKLY AGENDA that outlines our teaching and learning for our in-person and virtual learning.  



What’s Happening This Week?


How’s It Happening?



What assignment do I have to complete?


How do I submit my assignment?


When is my assignment due?


Monday, Aug. 24


  • Intro to email, TEAMS,
  • Ed Online
  • Weekly Agenda
  • How YOU doin’? daily survey

CCHS In-person class time

1. How YOU doin’? survey

2. Internet Ability Survey

3. Daily Bell ringer labeling


1.Teams Class Notebook

2. Teams Assignment

3. In class

Aug. 25

Tuesday, Aug. 25


Introduction to Unit

Tuesday Bell ringer

Essential Question


Academic Vocabulary



Virtual – links in Teams and HMH

1.Guided Notes sheet (PPT)

2. Bell ringer packet 3. Academic Vocabulary—Teams

4.Get Ready reading assignment—HMH

1.PPT and Teams Assignment

2. Teams Assignment

3. HMH

Aug. 26

Wednesday, Aug. 26

Wednesday Bell ringer

Critical Vocabulary

Sentence Variety

Making Inferences

Word Gaps

Virtual—links in Teams and HMH

1.Bell ringer packet

2. Critical Vocabulary (page 252)

3. Guided Notes sheet (PPT)


1.Bellringer packet


3. Teams

Aug. 27

Thursday, Aug. 27

Thursday Bell ringer

Check Your Understanding

Analyze the Text

Research Intelligence Agencies


1.Bell ringer packet

2. Check Your Understanding (259)

3. Analyze the Text and Research (260)

4. Research/Sources PPT


1.Bellringer Packet


3. HMH

4. Teams

Aug. 28


Aug. 28

Friday—Vocabulary Practice Test

Professional Letter writing






1.Practice Test Completion

2. Write a Professional Letter--PPT

3.  Construction of your professional letter (261)

4. Response Log (261)


2. Teams

3. HMH/Teams

4. HMH




August 31


[Amended] Agenda, Week 4—English I

Monday, September 14 (In Class Instruction):

Go over:  Vocabulary 2 Practice Test (Vocab Quiz 2 on Friday)

Do in class:

  • Discussion/Work/Notes on Author’s Purpose and Author’s Statement for “Love’s Vocabulary
  • Begin “Pyramus and Thisbe” Lines 1-60, Notice and Note Questions

Tuesday, September 15 (Virtual Instruction):

Do Today: 

  • “Pyramus and Thisbe” lines 1-60—Notice and Note Questions, Due September 17, 2020
  • Annotation of lines 1-60, Due September 17, 2020
  • Read Lines 60-105 of poem
  • Compare “Pyramus and Thisbe” in prose to the poem

Wednesday, September 16 (Virtual Instruction):

Do Today:

  • Analogies
  • Read Lines 60-105 of poem
  • Complete “Word Choice, Tone, and Meaning: “Pyramus and Thisbe” Note-Catcher (due for return on Thursday, 9/17)
  • Finish “Pyramus and Thisbe,” lines 105-150
  • Answer analysis questions about “Pyramus and Thisbe” (due Thursday, 9/17)
  • Write a paragraph (5 sentences in length) summary of the POEM, “Pyramus and Thisbe”

Thursday, September 17 (In Class Instruction):

Go Over:  Paragraph writing for “Love’s Vocabulary”

Do in Class:

  • “Love’s Vocabulary” Quiz
  • Paragraph writing instruction
  • Vocabulary Quiz #2

Complete by Friday, September 18:  Complete reading “Pyramus and Thisbe” lines 105-end of poem and answer all the Notice and Note questions.  Bring these questions to class with you on Monday, September 21, 2020

Friday, September 18 (Virtual Instruction):

Go Over:  Complete the Introduction to Shakespearean Theater:  Romeo and Juliet flashcard homework.  These are DUE by September 21, 2020

  • Read summary of Romeo and Juliet and compare/contrast to “Pyramus and Thisbe”