Supply List

Supplies needed at school for ALL Visual Art classes

2 (at least) No. 2 graphite pencils (mechanical pencils are fine)

1 container disinfectant wipes 

1 box kleenex type tissues

Notebook or folder with paper for taking notes

1 small sketch book (doesn't have to be big or of great quality. Just needs to be something the student can do preliminary       drawing drafts in)

A $15 donation to help with school art supplies is requested but not required. This is further explained in the syllabus.


Supplies needed at home for virtual days

1 decent set of markers ( your choice of quality and quantity)

1 good set of colored pencils ( the better the quality and variety you have, the better off you will be.)

No. 2 graphite pencils (mechanical pencils are fine)




Same folder used in class for taking notes