Welcome Letter

Welcome (back) to Crockett County High School. Get ready for a new, different, sometimes confusing, but great start to the 2020/2021 school year. My name is Mr. Evans. I have been teaching Art for 31 years and this is my fifth year at this school. When you are looking for teacher web pages, look for Tracy Evans. There are two more teachers with the last name of Evans  in this school and one of them is also a Mr. Evans.

As you may already know, you will be meeting in class one day a week and the rest will be working from home via instructions through the Microsoft Teams format. I will also post reminders on this page to access Microsoft Teams.  You will receive an invitation through your school email account with a code to be able to join your class Team.

When you come to class you will receive instructions about your project. That will be your day one. Whichever day of the week you actually come to the art classroom, will count as your day one even if it isn't the first day of the week. All notices and instructions for the virtual part of your art class will be divided into Days 2-5. You will be able to see every day's instructions all at once. So... if you wanted to you would be able to work ahead and finish your week's worth of work before the five days is up. Or you could wait and do it all at once (not always your best idea). You will however be required to bring all finished/unfinished work with you on your next at school class day. This is very very important. If you neglect to bring your work back with you, the only possible grade you can earn is a zero until I have the finished work. I plan on starting a new project each time your grade meets at school. So if you haven't finished or didn't bring your work back with you, you will be behind the rest of the class. Occasionally projects may take us more than a week to complete, but not usually. This is new for all of us so hang in there it will be all right. If you are a Freshman (9th grade) your work will be due in class the following Monday after your class instruction session. Therefore, you have one week to complete the project and any other assignments that go along with it.  Sophomores ( 10th grade) will turn in their work the following Tuesday after class instruction. Juniors (11th grade) work is due the following Wednesday after classroom instruction. Seniors (12th grade) work is due the following Thursday after classroom instruction. With each assignment, there will be an included due date, but just know that it will almost always be one week after classroom instruction. So each time you come to class after the 2nd week of school, you will be turning in a completed project and will be receiving information about your next project and unit of study.