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Honors biology is more comprehensive and challenging than a regular biology course. The class is taught at just below the college level; students are treated comparable to a college student.  Students will need to take responsibility for their success in this course. 


Honors Bio Units of Study:

Quarter 1:

  1. Chemistry of Life (Ch 2)
  2. Ecology (Ch 3-7)
  3. Cells (Ch 8)
  4. Cell Energetics (Ch 9-10)
  5. Mitosis and Meiosis (Ch 11, 12)

Quarter 2:

  1. Genetics (Ch 12)
  2. DNA and RNA (Ch 13-14)
  3. Biotechnology (Ch 15-16)
  4. Evolution (Ch 17-19)
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    Please check your Student/Parent Vue often.  Grades are updated daily.  If there is a 0, the assignment did not get turned in.  Please contact me via email if you believe a technology issue prevented you from submitting work.  

    Remember to view assignments in Teams and make sure you are turning things in on time.

  • Teams

    Students will be added to the Honors Bio Team by the first day of school.  Students are expected to log in to the Team Daily to check announcements, view instructional videos, receive and submit assignments, and collaborate with classmates.

    Parents, if your student is having trouble accessing the Honors Bio Team, please email me directly at julie.nass@crockettcavs.net

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