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Welcome to Algebra 1.  In this class we will review basic math concepts along with the begging skills of Algebra we will start with combining like terms and end with quadratic functions.  We will using Agile Mind, which is an interactive website to assist learning.  All usernames are the first three letters of your first name followed by the first 3 letters of your last name, and last two digit of your graduation year.  This is the same username as your email. 

  • 2-10-2021

    Today take topic 4 test.

  • 2-8-2021

    Log on to agilemind and take topic 4 quiz.

  • 2-5-2021

    No homework this weekend.

  • 2-4-2021

    Log on and do topic 4 more practice for today's work.

  • 2-3-2021

    Log on to agilemind and do topic 4 guided practice.

  • 2-2-2021

    Please log on to agilemind and complete topic 4 lesson.

  • 2-1-2021

    Today we will start Topic 4, there will be no homework tonight.

  • 1-29-2021

    Please finish topic 3 test if it was not completed in class today.

  • 1-28-2021

    Please study for the topic 3 test tomorrow.

  • 1-27-2021

    Log on and take topic 3 quiz today.

  • 1-26-2021

    your homework for today is topic 3 more practice

  • 1-25-2021

    Topic 3 guided practice is your homework

  • 1-22-2021

    Topic 3 lesson has to be finished by Sunday at 10pm.

  • 1-21-2021

    Please log on to agilemind and complete topic 1 test.

  • 1-20/2021

    Today we will review topic 1.  There will be no homework.

  • 1-19-2021

    Please log on to agilemind and take topic 1 quiz.

  • 1-15-2021

    This weekend if you did not finish it in class please make sure topic 1 guided practice is finished by 10pm on sunday.

  • 1-14-2021

    Log on to agilemind and do topic 1 guided practice.

  • 1-13-2021

    Today in class we will start topic 1 lesson.  Anything that is not finished in class will be due for homework.

  • 1-12-2021

    No work to do today, but I have posted this weeks agenda please review it.

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