Week 9 Agenda (10/19 to 10/23)

Week 9 Agenda: Mobile App Development (Oct. 19th to Oct. 23rd   )

Students, you will begin the assignments with Days 1-5 of virtual assignments.

The Big Question: Why do programmers write comments and provide documentation?

Day 1: Week 9 Day 1: Topic I: Working to complete all three screens of app and design document

Day 2:  Week 9 Day 2: Topic II: Finalize your design document with documentation and comments about each screen and how it works.

Day 3: Week 9 Day 3: Topic III: Test and debug the app you have built, update design document as needed.

Day 4: Week 9 Day 4: Topic IV: Have a completed app with 3 working screens and a design document completed.

Day 5: Week 9 Day 5: Topic V: Have a completed app with 3 working screens submitted to code.org Unit 3 Lesson 10 and take the Unit assessment. Send pictures of completed design document via Teams or email @ karen.cavaness@crockettcavs.net