Week 9 Agenda( 10/19 to 10/23

Week 9 Agenda: Computer Science Foundations (Oct.  19th to Oct. 23rd )

Students, you will begin the assignments with Days 1-5 of virtual assignments.

The Big Question: What is Scratch and what can I do with it?

Virtual Assignments: (All assignments listed in Teams.) 

Day 1: Week 9 Day 1: Topic I:  Video Game Design with Scratch Introduction_https://scratch.mit.edu/info/faq Questions 1 to 10

Day 2:  Week 9 Day 2: Topic II:  What is Scratch 3.0? Questions 11-20; Video instruction on setting up an account (Do NOT set up an account on your own)

Day 3: Week 9 Day 3: Topic III: Licensing and Permissions Questions; Video instruction creating a project and saving the project in Scratch 3.0.

Day 4: Week 9 Day 4: Topic IV: What’s Your Coding Personality? https://www.codecademy.com/explore/sorting-quiz?utm_source=customer_io&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=august_2020_newsletter  Learning the Scratch Window

Day 5: Week 9 Day 5: Topic V: Video instruction on editing a project and resaving or renaming project.