Week 6 Agenda (9/28 to 10/2)

Week 6 Agenda: Coding I (Sept. 28st to Oct. 2nd  )


Students, you will begin the assignments with your in-person day of class, followed by Days 1-3 of virtual assignments. (Different grade levels will complete assignments on different days.)

Day 1 In Person AssignmentThe Vigenere Cipher Widget, How Secure is Your Password?, Keys and Passwords

Day 2 In Person Assignment: Public Key Bean Counting Activity, Multiplication + Modulo, Public Key Modulo Interactive Activity, Terminology Review for Asymmetric Encryptions and Lesson 9 Check Your Understanding

The Big Question: What is the difference between “cracking” a code and “decrypting” a message?

{ An introduction to encryption and using a widget to attempt cracking some simple encryption methods}


Virtual Assignments: (All assignments listed in Sway/Teams.) 

Day 1: Week 6 Day 1: Topic I: Lesson 8 Check Your Understanding Questions, The Internet-Encryption & Public Keys Video and Terminology Review

Day 2:  Week 6 Day 2: Topic I: Complete review pages for Unit 4. Vocabulary and Information about RSA

Day 3: Week 6 Day 3: Topic III: Chapter Assessment for Unit 4 on Code.org