Week 5 Agenda(9/21 to 9/25)

Week 5 Agenda: Coding 1 (Sept. 21st to Sept. 24th )


Students, you will begin the assignments with your in-person day of class, followed by Days 1-2 of virtual assignments. (Different grade levels will complete assignments on different days.)


Day 1 In Person Assignment:  Caesar Cipher and Code.org Widgets for Simple Encryptions

Day 2 In Person Assignment: Code. org Frequency Analysis

The Big Question: What are some of the economic concerns and consumer tradeoffs related to apps and websites that collect and track data about you in exchange for providing you a service free of cost?


Virtual Assignments: (All assignments listed in Sway/Teams.) 

Day 1: Week 5 Day 1: Topic I: Reading and Answering Questions about Privacy Policies

Day 2:  Week 5 Day 2: Topic I: Blown to Bits_Encryption and Check Your Understanding Questions