Week 4 Agenda (9/14 to 9/18)

Week  4 Agenda: Computer Science Foundations (Sept. 14 to Sept. 18 )


Students, you will begin the assignments with your in-person day of class, followed by Days 1-3 of virtual assignments. (Different grade levels will complete assignments on different days.)


Day 1 In Person Assignment:  Review of online engagement, complete unit 1 activities and code practice assignments through Unit 1.6 Input, Complete Unit 1 Quiz if time allows.

Day 2 In Person Assignment: Unit 1.9 Understanding Binary, Flippy Do

The Big Question: What is Binary?

Virtual Assignments: Virtual Days for Coding on Edhesive platform, reading and reviews. 

Day 1: Week 3 Day 1: Topic I Complete online activities for Edhesive platform. Take Unit 1 Quiz (password: houseboat)

Day 2:  Week 3 Day 2: Topic II Complete Data Types and Variables 1.7 and 1.8 Analog, Read article for Thursday In Person Class: Binary Baubles

Day 3: Week 3 Day 3: Topic III Complete computer basics handout and review for safety test. Take safety test online via link received in email.