Week 2 Agenda (8/31 to 9/4)

Week 2 Agenda: Coding 1 (August 31st to Sept. 4th)


Students, you will begin the assignments with your in-person day of class, followed by Days 1-4 of virtual assignments. (Different grade levels will complete assignments on different days.)


In Person Assignment:  Chibitronics Corner Folding share-out of production; Register with Code.org for Virtual Learning about Big Data and Data Visualization: Debug Duck Adoptions

The Big Question: What is Big Data?


Virtual Assignments: (All assignments listed in Teams.) 

Day 1: Week 2 Day 1: Topic I: Code.org Unit 4  Lesson 1_What is Big Data?

Day 2:  Week 2 Day 2: Topic II: Big Data And Privacy

Day 3: Week 2 Day 3: Topic III: Hackers and their Interest in Data

Day 4: Week 2 Day 4: Topic IV: Moore’s Law