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Residential & Commercial Construction is the second course in the residential & Commercial Construction program of study intended to prepare students for careers in construction by developing an understanding of the different phases of a construction project from start to finish. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skill in the earlier phases of building construction, including site  layout, foundation systems, concrete, framing systems, and electrical systems. Students will be able to preform concrete work; frame walls, ceilings, and floors of structure; and install proper wiring while safely employing tools and interpreting construction drawings to complete projects. Emphasis is placed on demonstrating proper measurement and application of mathematical concepts. Standards in this course also include principles of the construction industry and business and project management. Students will continue compiling artifacts for inclusion in their portfolios, which they will carry with them throughout the full sequence of courses in this program of study. Standards in this course are aligned with Tennessee State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in Technical Subjects, Tennessee Standards in Mathematics, Tennessee Physical Science Standards, and the National Center for Construction Education and Research Curriculum.

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