Weekly Agenda Oct 13-16

Monday, October 12 --Fall Break

Tuesday, October 13--Read or listen to Act I, scenes 4 and 5 of Romeo and Juliet.  You may read from your textbook or from HMH.  Remember that HMH also offers a read aloud option.  You can access HMH from my web page.

Wednesday, October 14-- Review for a test on Thursday over Act I of Romeo and Juliet.  Here are the components of the test: 


Romeo and Juliet Act I Review


Be able to paraphrase the Prologue.

Know the meanings of these words from the Prologue:

          Dignity                  Star-crossed                  mutiny

          Grudge                 strife                             death-marked


 tragedy,              foil              soliloquy               aside

 bawdy humor

Answer the questions about the Globe theater

Be able to discuss how Romeo and Juliet compares to Pyramus and Thisbe

Act I

          Character names and relationships

          Events in plot

Thursday, October 15--test