September 28-October 2

Sept 28-Oct 2

Weekly Agenda

Monday, September 28

Hand out weekly agenda

Return test

Announce retest on Thursday for those who want to raise their grade.  I will allow 15 minutes for the retest and the highest possible grade will an 80.

Complete annotating the Prologue and begin annotation of lines 1-95 of Act 1 scene 1.


Tuesday, September 29

Write a paraphrase of the Prologue based on Monday’s work and answer review questions about the Prologue. I will collect these papers on Thursday.



Wednesday September 30

Fill out the who, what, when, where, why questions concerning the street fight in Act I

Using that worksheet as a guide, write a newspaper account of the fight. 

I will collect these papers on Thursday.


Thursday, October 1

Hand in paraphrase, review questions, analogies, and news article.

Complete reading and annotating Act I scene 1

Retest available.


Friday, October 2

Complete the worksheet on characterization in Act I scene 1.  I will collect this on Monday. These will be notes to help you when you write a character analysis.