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Crocket County pays Tribute to Mr. Bill Emerson, past Director of Schools bill

Crocket County pays Tribute to Mr. Bill Emerson, past Director of Schools 

Mr. Bill Emerson served the Crockett County community for over 40 years through his commitment to the field of education. During his administrative tenure, he became a Crockett County icon. Mr. Emerson oversaw the consolidation of Crockett County high schools and middle schools in the 1980s. Bill co-founded the Tennessee Small School Administrators Association, which successfully lobbied for a new funding formula for rural schools. In the decade that followed he campaigned for implementation of the legislation, culminating in a favorable ruling by the Tennessee Supreme Court. One of the primary objectives achieved was equalization of pay for teachers in rural school systems. As teacher, coach, administrator, friend and mentor, Bill touched countless numbers of lives.

In the fall of 2021, Crockett County Schools will have a ceremony recognizing the legacy of Mr. Bill Emerson through the naming of our High School gym as “The Bill Emerson Memorial Gymnasium”.

Crockett County Schools recognize Teachers of the Year, Principal of the Year, and Supervisor of the Year congrats

Crockett County Schools would like to recognize the District Teachers of the Year, Principal of the Year, and Supervisor of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year.

Crockett County Awarded BlueCross Healthy Place Site pic

We're excited to partner with the BCBST Foundation to create the BlueCross Healthy Place at Crockett County High School in 2021!

COVID-19 Information COVID-19 Information

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Interquest Detection Canines Interquest Canines

To the Crockett County Schools Parents, Faculty & Staff, 

Crockett County Schools always wants to stay on the forefront when it comes to school safety and ensuring the protection of our students. Currently, the school system works with the sheriff's department for yearly campus searches but the Board feels that searches done once a year are not effective preventive measures. The Crockett County School Board has entered into a contract with lnterquest Detection Canines to implement random and monthly searches on school campuses effective immediately. 

lnterquest Detection Canines provides passive, friendly, trained and certified dogs led by certified handlers to detect illicit substances and contraband including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol, pills, gunpowder, ammunition and firearms. 

By conducting random and unannounced searches throughout the school year, students are less likely to bring illegal substances on campus. The lnterquest program is a deterrent. The whole point is to keep our campus safe and provide a learning environment free of illegal substances. Other schools using the lnterquest canine program have seen dramatic decreases in drugs and other illegal substances on campuses. 

As a parent, I want my child to attend school free of distractions so that he is able to reach his full potential. I want every student in the Crockett County School System to be given that same opportunity. 

Being proactive about student and school safety is a great reason to add lnterquest Detection Canines to our school safety program at Crockett County Schools. 

When our program starts in November, we will be happy to welcome Tim Teft and Sierra to our safety team. 

P.A. Pratt