Educator Emotional Support Video Series

Educator Emotional Support

The video series was released as a support tool for Tennessee Educators that includes guidance and resources from two licensed clinical social workers focusing on the mental health of Tennessee Educators due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The video series has 5 parts that are available on Best for All Central and the Tennessee Department of Education's YouTube channel

Each video is individually linked below as well with a brief description.

1.  Introduction to Stress Response: This video session introduces the series, recognizing educators experience significant pressure from many directions during a normal school year and this year has only added pressure

2.  Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness: This video session focuses on mindfulness, state of awareness, and how to shift attention to focus on support.

3.  Grief and Loss: This video session begins with practicing a mindfulness skill from the previous video. Additionally, this video session shares the stages of grief and associated feelings.

4.  Maintaining and Managing Healthy Connections: This video session focuses on the importance of connection and relationships, including a grounding and connectedness exercise.

5.  Self-Care: This video session highlights self-care as a lifestyle and how to create and implement a self-care plan. 

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