ESSER 3.0 Information Last Updated: 2/8/2022 2:55 PM

In accordance with ESSER 3.0 funding, information will be posted and if you have any questions, please contact the Board of Education.

ESSER 3.0 Expenditures for Fall 2021

  • Kindergarten assistants added to all 3 elementary schools
  • Literacy interventionists in our elementary schools
  • Additional 3rd grade teacher added to one of our elementary schools
  • ipads for RTI intervention in elementary schools
  • ACT Mastery Prep for High School students to better prepare for ACT tests
  • College Success Coach at Crockett County High School to assist seniors with FASFA and graduation
  • 504 program for our Special population
  • IXL math program for our Middle School students

ESSER 2.0 Expenditures for Fall 2021

  • Crockett County High School weather station
  • COVID supplies
  • Hot Spots
  • School bus
  • School van
  • Crockett County Middle School Cooler/Freezer, Cafeteria/kitchen expansion, combi-oven
  • MCES/FES HVAC for gyms

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