A few good men and women who keep our freedom and our country safe

     Gadsden is celebrating our heroes of yesterday and today having officers, EMS workers, and firefighters come to speak to our students about why we are celebrating September 11th. Our heroes came today to discuss why they chose to be a state trooper, military sargent, EMS workers, and firefighters. In addition, they came to help our students understand why we honor our flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance. The following are heroes that have come to Gadsden today who continuously keep our country safe:

27 year Army National Guard Hero: Sargent Major Stephen Little

State Patrol Officer Hero: Sargent Whitten

EMS Heroes: John Copeland and Mary Duff

Fire Fighter Heroes: Tanya Griggs, Jessica Rhodes, Charlie Burleson, Travis Smith, and Santana Harbor

Thank you for supporting our school and helping our children understand not only the heroes of yesterday but the heroes we have today. God Bless America! 



Sargent Major Stephen LittleFirefightersEMSEMSSargent Whitten with Sargent MajorSargent Whitten speaking to our students.Gadsden Students with Heroes

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