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Honoring our past and present military and service men and women. Happy Labor Day! Heroes service man and women

Honoring those who help keep us safe and free here and overseas. Men and women in the military, fire department, Emergency Medical Services, and Officers of the law came to Gadsden to help students understand the importance of their jobs and why they do what they do to keep America going each and every day. Past, present and future, these few service men and women of many are fine examples and the reason we are still a free and safe country. God Bless America!


5th Grade Wildcat Crew! Wild Cat Crew!

Students here at Gadsden have many programs. One of our programs is "The Wild Cat Crew". This program involves 5th graders who do many things to help our school grow from assisting teachers to do many tasks helping students with anything they need. However, you cannot just sign up to be on the program. You have to write an essay and answer questions. From there, we have anonymous judges who read and choose the right students based on their writing and answers. We are proud of these students. They worked hard to earn their positions as "The Wild Cat Crew".