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Professional Development Field Day pic

Professional Development for staff looked a little different for our October PD day. The day was spent building team relationships, boosting morale, and just having fun! 

Candy Bar Fundraiser

It’s Candy Time!

It’s time for a fundraiser here at CCMS! This year we will be selling Chocolatiers candy bars! Each box contains 60 bars for $1 each. We will be giving cash prizes to the top 3 salespersons in each grade, along with a prize for the overall top selling classroom!

Letter from the Director of Schools regarding Social Media Challenges ii

Across the nation, schools are observing an increase in concerning student behaviors that are linked to social media, especially the app TikTok. As many CCSS schools communicated with families a few weeks ago, an increase in vandalism and theft in schools and on buses was linked to a TikTok challenge. Recently, the District has been made aware of other planned challenges that promote crimes such as assaulting employees, sexual assault, and public nudity. 

Advance Child Tax Credit Information tax

The Advance Child Tax Credit is not just available to taxpayers with children that file tax returns, but also to people with children who have low or no income.

Should you take the vaccine?

Several Crockett County advisors in various fields of expertise discuss the COVID-19 vaccine.

Crockett County ESSER Community Information input

Crockett County Schools would appreciate community feedback. Please refer to the information provided below.

Crockett County Schools Foundational Literacy Skills Plan TN
Emergency Broadband Benefit pic

The Federal Communications Commission has launched a temporary program to help families and households struggling to afford Internet service during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Emergency Broadband Benefit provides a discount of up to $50 per month toward broadband service for eligible households.  Enrollment is  through an approved provider ( or with direct contact to the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) using an online or mail-in application.  You can learn more about the benefit, including eligibility and enrollment information, by visiting, or by calling 833-511-0311

Juvenile Offender Act (Mandatory Publication)

49-6-451. Juvenile Offender Act -- Informing pupils of provisions.